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Setting up a new TxDMV Number

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Follow these steps to register. For INTRAstate operations please ensure you register with USDOT as INTRAstate not INTERstate. For INTERstate operations please ensure you register with USDOT as INTERstate not INTRAstate. Please note that before you begin you must have a valid USDOT Number.

First time Users

To apply for operating authority in Texas go to to sign up to register.

Once your application has been received and reviewed you will receive an email with further instructions. Review takes 24-48 business hours.

When your application is approved, you will receive an email with your Unique Identifier Number (UIN) that you must give to Anchorpoint Truck Insurance to file your required insurance online. Have your insurance provider file the required insurance for your certificate.

After your insurance company has filed the required insurance, you will receive another email requesting that you login to MCCS to pay the required fees to complete your application process. After fees have been paid, MCCS will convert your UIN to your TxDMV Certificate number.

Processing Time

Initial application submission review takes 24-48 business hours. For any carrier that has had a previous authority/certificate or has been linked in any way with another authority/certificate, the review times is an additional 7 business days.

To check the status of your TxDMV Certificate application, call FMCSA at (800) 299-1700, options 3-4-3.

An application that contains any misrepresentation, misstatement or omission of required information will not be processed until all requirements are fulfilled.

Cab Cards

Once you have paid your fees and completed the application process to obtain your TxDMV Certificate number you may print your insurance Cab Card and Certificate.

A current copy of the insurance Cab Card must be available in the commercial vehicle at all times.

A copy of the insurance Cab Card, either paper or electronic, shall be made available for presentation to law enforcement at all times.

Please call us with any questions.


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