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Where do I go to check a Company safety rating?

The importance of safety in trucking is paramount. Your life and the lives of others depend on your ability to safely get from Point A to Point B or anywhere else you travel. Safety records, like your SMS or SAFER scores, help measure adherence to important DOT safety practices. These scores provide an important snapshot into your public safety records. From a financial standpoint, safety scores make a huge impact on your insurance rates.

Company safety ratings can be viewed on the SAFERwebsite. You can view the safety rating of any motor carrier with an active US DOT number. Click on "Company Snapshot" and search for a carrier by USDOT Number, MC Number or name.

If you are interested in carrier Safety Measurement Scores (SMS scores), click here.

Correcting Errors

please remember to check your reports look for errors. The SMS results are based on state reported crash and inspection data. If you find an error you can report it using a portal known as DataQs. You can request a data review and report errors or concerns for investigation. Additionally you can also request a data review to show that you have addressed a warning or violation.

Here at Anchorpoint Truck Insurance we want you to Drive with Care. Safe driving will help you save money on your insurance, it will also help you to make it home safely after a long journey on the road.



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